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Importance of Surface Particle Counters in Cleanroom Environments offers unbiased reviews and comparisons of the leading surface particle counters in the industry. We research and compare models by Lighthouse and other surface particle counter manufacturers. Don't be fooled by other websites that push one brand of surface particle counters. Our industry experts are in the process of collecting the best surface particle counters by well known manufactures.  Do you represent a manufacturer not shown here? Contact us to review your surface particle counters.  We believe this type of factual information and unbiased opinions will benefit particle counter manufacturers, technicians, scientists, the clean room industry and the general quality of life by furthering development and general knowledge of air quality control.  [More Information...]

Surface Particle Counter Reviews...

Product Pros Cons Features Application MSRP
Lighthouse Particle Guard Surface Particle Counter
Lighthouse Particle Guard surface particle counter

Complete portable system

Captures image of surface without use of vacuum or liquid

Creates map of particles

Configure for surfaces like stainless steel or glass

Integrates into larger systems

Only measures as low as 0.5 microns

0.5-4000 microns

Saves images & data

Uses glancing light to detect particles

Non-destructive measurement

Data analysis

Fully programmable

15" TFT screen

SMIF & FOUP pods.

Housekeeping QC.

Replaces witness wafers or pods.

Handling systems.

QC Cleaning.

Surface deposition.

Cleanroom surfaces.

Test tool cleanliness.

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Lighthouse Wafer Pod 2014IP
Lighthouse Wafer Pod 2014IP surface particle counter

Monitor airborne particles, temperature, & relative humidity throughout process from within standard FOUP or SMIF wafer carrier

Complete particle monitoring system with 0.1m filtered vacuum pump, internal battery, and data storage

Easy to relate particle contamination event with tool status

Leaves room for only 4 witness wafers to fit in the pod with the particle counter

0.2 - 2.0  micron range

0.1 cfm airflow

4-6 particle size channels

9 hour battery life

Wireless remote start stop

stainless steel enlcosure

LED status indicators & alarm

0.1 micron filtered exhaust

Airborne contamination monitoring & testing.

SMIF & FOUP enclosures.

Semiconductor production process.

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Measuring the cleanliness of surfaces in a cleanroom environment is an important part of any contamination control program, as it allows contamination control personnel to qualify the effectiveness of cleaning procedures for parts, work surfaces, part handling components, transport equipment, incoming materials and new tools.

One common piece of equipment used to measure surface cleanliness is a surface scanner particle counter, a large, specialized device that uses a laser to scan the surface under test for particles. These machines are used in the semiconductor, disk drive and flat panel display industries to detect yield damaging particles directly on the surface of the product. Though widely used in these industries, these machines can only be used on wafers, panels or disks for which they are designed.  [surface particle counters for clean rooms]

At Particlecounters.Org we research and compare surface particle counters. We are currently collecting additional factual information for our comparison charts. If you are a clean room or surface particle counter expert, please contact us to contribute to this website.  The end result we strive to achieve is a chart that is easy to research and accurately leads the user to the correct equipment.

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