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Are You Trying to Rent a Particle Counter?  You NEED to Read this Entire Article on the Unseen Risks of Particle Counter Rentals has asked its industry experts the question, "to rent or not to rent". The answer was discussed, and here is what they had to say:

IAQ and clean room particle counter rentals may seem desirable for short term projects or occasional troubleshooting.  Using a particle counter rental can even be viewed as outsourcing your instrument maintenance and storage.  But there some heavy risks to balance with any particle counter rental cost advantages.

There are lower risk alternatives available.  Keep reading to the end of this page to discover safer ways of performing reliable laser particle counting with limited capital.

Unknown Reliability of Rental Equipment

Of course when it comes to outsourcing, all the familiar issues come into play.  The biggest one being, you have no control over procedures or quality of the particle counter rental company and certainly not over how the equipment was being used before coming to you.

Shipping particle counters should be kept to a minimum.  Vibration, bumps and temperature changes, even exposures to a dirty environments affect accuracy of the laser optics.  By most standards and manufacturer's recommendations, particle counters only need to be calibrated once per year.  But for rental equipment that is constantly shipped back and forth, and not knowing how the particle counter was used, you should require NIST traceable particle counter calibration and certification before each rental.  Unfortunately, most companies do only what is required by the manufacturer for normal use.

People use particle counter rental equipment to monitor hazardous materials or biological contaminants and often do not even realize the danger they expose to others after returning the rental equipment.  Or they may assume it is the rental company's job to properly treat, store and dispose of microscopic hazardous material that may be trapped inside the unit.  Biological contaminant is very common for indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals working in a non cleanroom environment.  A particle counter doesn't differentiate harmful black mold spores from less harmful contaminants of similar size.  The rental company technicians would have no way of knowing about the biohazards unless the renter exposed the equipment warned them.  And who would rent equipment, knowing they would be charged for the buying price upon return.  Despite what particle counter rental companies may claim, the accuracy and safety of delicate equipment cannot be controlled when it is circulating throughout the general public.

What Will It Cost You If Your Particle Counter Results Are Inaccurate?

Your job?  Lawsuits?  Your reputation?  Your career?  Why did you need a particle counter in the first place?  What does it mean to you if your project is scrapped?  Is there valuable product relying on your particle counter?  What is the loss if batches of product are thrown away?  Is it worth it to put your trust in a piece of rental equipment?  You know how well people treat rental equipment.

Absolute accuracy may be less important for IAQ troubleshooting, as long as the device points you toward the contamination source.  But for accurate air quality assessment, a particle counter rental may not be reliable.  And this goes doubly for clean room particle counter rentals.  To verify, monitor or certify a clean room with accurate results, we recommend using your own particle counter or a clean room certifier service that uses their own equipment.

In a nutshell, the major concern with particle counter rental is equipment quality.  You can not see if a particle counter is out of calibration just by looking at it.  It is delicate, precise equipment that must be well kept to maintain accuracy.

Advantages of Leasing Particle Counters Over Renting

Leasing gives you similar cost benefits of particle counter renting plus extra assurance and control over your equipment performance.  The biggest advantage of leasing is that you get brand new equipment with guaranteed accuracy and service direct from the factory.  When it comes to caring for your delicate instruments, would you rather trust the original manufacturer or a rental company?  The particle counter you use will not be shipped all over the world and rented to other people.  Leasing new equipment puts you in control of your equipment.  And... Leasing puts a finance company in your pocket who enables your budget to reach much further.

Particle Counter leasing also offers you benefits that rental companies usually cannot:

  • Tax benefits
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Interest free
  • No down payment
  • Unlimited use of equipment

Do You Still Believe Renting is the Best Way to Obtain an Affordable Particle Counter?

Have You Looked into Leasing?

We are particle counter experts who represent most major brands.  Being preferred providers to leasing companies and banks allows us to get you the best lease rates.

Do you want a predictable return on investment?  Leasing a particle counter gives you unlimited use of your equipment with flexible, affordable payments.  Altogether, leasing has much lower risks involved than renting particle counters.


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