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Are You Researching an Optical Particle Counter to Use in Your Project?  Then You Need to Read These Reviews by Leading Industry Experts!'s team of leading industry experts and sales professionals have been able to gather all the information on the best optical particle counters on the market today. They have done the research that allows for all the features and reviews to be added into our easy to use laser particle counter comparison chart.  We bring factual and nonbiased reviews and opinions on all the major brands of optical particle counters.

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Portable optical laser particle countersOptical particle counters serve the purpose of measuring the light scattering from airborne particles. This instrument offers real time monitoring of particles below .05 cm in diameter. These Optical Particle counters are in use by environmental engineers that need to measure the size distribution of particulate pollutants in combustors & automobiles.  Optical particle counters are also used for measuring efficiencies of particle control equipment and can be used to calibrate other instruments. Industrial hygienists use optical particle counters to sample particles in occupational environments as well as pharmaceutics to size and classify their powdered drugs.

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Optical Particle Counters used for Indoor Air QualityFluke 983 optical particle counterA light source is used, and generally laser or laser diode is adjusted, to illuminate a stream of aerosol flowing out of a nozzle. The off-axis from the light beam measures the amount of light scattered from a a single particle by refraction and diffraction. Both the size and the number of particles are measured at the same time. The size of the particle is figured out by the intensity of the scattered light.

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