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Fluke Corporation specializes in electronic testing tools and software.  Fluke is divided into four divisions or companies: Networks, Biomedical, Hart Scientific and Raytek.  A variety of Fluke instruments are available. Included in this array of meters and testers is a Fluke airborne laser particle counter.  Applications Fluke caters to include biomedical, educational, electrical, electronics, HVAC - IAQ, plant maintenance, precession measurement, process control safety and utilities.  Among the HVAC - IAQ tools are a handful of air testers, electrical meters, infrared devices, temperature and pressure measuring instruments.

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The only airborne particle counter offered by Fluke is the Fluke 983 Particle Counter.  Similar to the ARTI HHPC-6, the Fluke version comes with a protective, yellow rubber outer shell.  Like many of the more complex handheld units you can find on this website, the Fluke 983 particle counter meters...  [More Information...]

Fluke 983 Laser Particle Counter Product Review...

Product Pros Cons Features Application MSRP
Fluke 983 Particle Counter
Easy to use and read interface
Rubber outer shell
Handheld for ultimate portability
Large data storage for particle, environmental data, location & time
Unable to perform continuous unattended operation like portable or remote particle counter systems

NiMH Rechargeable Battery

0.3-10 micron

0.1 cfm

6 channels

Download data to PC or printer

Backlit touch-screen interface w/ zoom

Location labels

Internal alarm

Filter testing

Cleanroom monitoring/testing

Mold testing

IAQ Investigations


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(continued from above) ...particulate matter simultaneously on 6 different size channels.  The Fluke unit will store up to 5000 sample records in its rotating buffer until you download the information to a PC with common Microsoft software.  Communication and connection to your computer uses a common RS-232 or RS-485 via the RJ-45 jack.  Again, these functions are pretty standard among some of the more advanced particle counters.

For a side by side comparison of the Fluke particle counter with other similar units see handheld particle counters and laser particle counters.

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