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CLiMET Instruments Company has developed and built laser particle counters since 1967.  Throughout the years, CLiMET particle counters have been innovated, designed and built according to customer's need for technology.  Climet particle counter equipment can be used in clean room settings classified from 1 to 300,000.

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CLiMET currently holds seven patents in the area of particle count. Each laser particle counter uses one or more of these technologies.  CLiMET has been on the forefront of portable, full-featured particle counters by bringing forward; the stainless steel enclosure, battery operation and reducing significantly laser particle counter's size and weight. These innovative technologies have not cost the laser particle counters any performance, as the battery-operated products provide sensitivities of airborne particles from 0.1 to 0.3 microns.  [More Information...]

Climet Laser Particle Counter Reviews...

Product Pros Cons Features Application MSRP
Climet CI-200 Particle Counter
Climet particle counter CI- 200
Smallest and lightest particle counter in its class
Built-in printer
Large, easy to read LED display
Monochromatic display
No battery support
0.2m sensitivity
Portable, AC powered
1 cfm flow rate
Medical Devices

Indoor air quality testing

Cleanroom Testing
$Price not listed

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Climet MicroPro 400 Particle Counter
Climet portable particle counter Micropro
Smallest and lightest particle counter in its class
Seemingly outdated led display
Not battery operated
1 cfm flow rate
NIST traceable calibration
Cleanroom verification

Paintspray booths
$Unlisted price

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Climet MicroPro 500 Particle Counter
Climet particle counters
Portable w/ built-in battery charger
Built-in thermal printer
Monochromatic Liquid Crystal Display
This unit is rather bulky, weighing in at 23.5 lbs.
Automated mass flow controller
Optional built-in disk drive
Onboard 209E calculations
Cleanroom verification/testing


Indoor Air Quality monitoring
$Price not shown

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The Mission of CLiMET Instruments is to provide products and services associated with particle measurement and monitoring that are application driven. Products are available in the form of standard models, special designs, and complete systems Services are available in the form of calibrations, special engineering, and application assistance

CLiMET is committed to continually enhancing and expanding these products and services.
Since 1967, CLIMET INSTRUMENTS COMPANY has manufactured particle counters. CLIMET has provided a track record of customer inspired innovation in technology and design; providing reliable and functional products to validate and monitor airborne particles in controlled production environments (cleanrooms classified from 1 to 300,000).

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