Perfect Applications For A Handheld Laser Particle Counter

Innovative new designs and technology have made the handheld laser particle counter a valuable tool in controlling airborne contaminants.  Today’s sophisticated manufacturing processes leave little room for error.  Particulate pollution in sensitive industries such as aerospace and semiconductor production can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Handheld laser particle counters offer fast and accurate measurement of airborne particle concentrations.  They are designed specifically for cleanrooms and other controlled environments.Cleanroom

A handheld laser particle counter allows you to track critical contamination directly to its source.  It operates by using laser technology to measure particle concentrations in ambient air.  The instrument continuously detects and measures the concentration of airborne particles.  There are 2 fundamental reasons for using a handheld laser particle counter: regulatory and economic.  Cleanroom regulations require that tests be conducted in accordance with specific standards and procedures and that reports must be generated and maintained.  This requires a large volume of sample data from a particle counter.  The economic reasons are quite simple; particle contaminants can negatively affect your bottom line.

Applications For A Handheld Laser Particle Counter:

  • Maintaining cleanroom standards
  • Filter performance testing
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Mold testing
  • Computer hard drive disc production
  • Automotive spray paint operations
  • Surgical rooms
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor Industry

Several handheld laser particle counters offer many of the same features:

  • Conveniently located buttons allow for 1 hand operation
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Large, built-in memory capabilities
  • Rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • A portable cart system can be achieved by connecting with 6 port mini-manifold

A handheld laser particle counter can pay for itself by reducing the amount of defective parts produced.  Imagine the expense of having to re-paint several cars because of undetected airborne contaminants.  See if a handheld laser particle counter is right for your application.


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Kanomax 3887 Handheld Laser Particle Counter Offers Exceptional Value

Monitoring particulate matter in cleanrooms or other applications requires sophisticated instruments.  A particle counter can sometimes be a budget buster for small companies.  We at Particle Counters.Org would like to introduce to you the best buy on the market; the Kanamax 3887 Handheld Particle Counter.  The exceptional Kanomax can save you well over $1,000 compared to similar instruments.

The Kanomax 3887 simultaneously displays and records 3 particle sizes.  It monitors both particle size and particle concentration.  Particles are detected according to selected size ranges, counted, and displayed.  This remarkable instrument allows you to download your stored data to Microsoft Excel on your PC. The user has the ability to log up to 8,000 data points.Kanomax 3887 Handheld Laser Particle Counter

Kanomax 3887 Highlights:

  • Easy to read display
  • Built-in flow sensor
  • Compact design fits in the palm of your hand
  • Adjustable sampling time from 1 second to 99 minutes, 59 seconds
  • Sampling frequency – 1 to 99 times or continuous
  • Programmable auto-start
  • Tripod mountable
  • Equipped with AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  • Can also be operated with regular AA alkaline batteries
  • Includes NIST traceable calibration cert
  • Kanomax 3887 Applications:

    • Cleanrooms (pharmaceutical, semiconductor)
    • Aerospace
    • Filter testing
    • Surgical rooms
    • Spray paint booths
    • IAQ investigations

    Before you spend more than necessary on a particle counter, check out the economical Kanomax 3887.  This quality instrument provides great value and is ideal for those with tight budgets.



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    Discover Which Particle Sizes You Need to Monitor From this Particle Size Chart

    Are airborne particles affecting your productivity? Do you need to know what size range your particle counter should cover?

    Particulate and aerosol contamination comes in many shapes and sizes. For several industries, there are cleanroom standards that dictate what size particles you must monitor. But for general indoor air quality and production processes like paint spray or other coating processes, there are often no guidelines. I recently spoke with a representative of a headlight manufacturing company. They were interested in purchasing a particle counter system. They apply coating to the headlights using a spray technique. The process sounds very similar to that used in a paint spray booth. The headlight company wished to minimize their production of defective products. They had pollen and other large dust particles that were causing product defects. From past experience I know that pollen can range from 10 to 100 microns. The sizes of different dusts can be seen in the table below. At their particle size range, I suggested that they use a class 100,000 cleanroom as a basic starting point. This is the least stringent cleanroom classification. IAQ particle counters may also be helpful for this size range of particulate contamination. (Click the button to enlarge.) Particle Size Chart


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