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ParticleCounters.Org has put together this informative comparison chart of all of the leading particle counters on the market today. Our Industry experts have collected information by reviewing the major manufactures like Lighthouse, Met One, Climet, IQAir, Kanomax and Fluke.  This comparison chart covers all the particle counter categories from Handheld particle counters to Surface Particle counters. Our Industry experts reviewed all these particle counters and compare them for you right here with honest observations and unbiased reviews.

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All Particle Counter Categories - Learn the Basics Here...

Here is a breakdown of the particle counter categories.  All particle counters use optical technology, either laser, glancing light, white light, scanning optics or conventional microscope lenses and detect particles from either the air, a liquid or a surface.  Cleanroom and critical environments generally use airborne and surface particle counters.  Airborne laser particle counters can be divided into how they are used: handheld, portable or remote (dedicated).

You can walk around with a handheld and take samples just about anywhere.  A portable laser particle counter is bigger and heavier with more features, can be carried to a location and set on a cart or table to take samples.  A remote particle counter is permanently installed at a location where it can continuously monitor and send information back to a control terminal. Most airborne laser particle counters come with an array of options expanding their capabilities catering to industry specific needs.

Trying to compare particle counters throughout a list of all particle counters may be challenging since it includes such a large number of instruments.  Use these tables to narrow down to a category what you wish to compare.  There are always specialized instruments used in very unique situations that do not fit in any major category, but these are what we consider the most widely used types of particle counters.

> All Particle Counters / Optical Particle Counters
All particle counters use optical technology to count particles from a sample.  The simplest is a microscope for the user to manually count particles on a surface.  Others use a light source and optical circuitry that detects the size and number of particles based on the behavior of light when it reacts with the sample.

> Laser Particle Counters / Air Particle Counters
Most laser particle counters are also air particle counters.  They sample the air and use a laser with counting optics to measure airborne particle contamination. They are utilized in cleanrooms, minienvironments, FDA regulated critical areas and by indoor air quality specialists.
> Cleanroom Particle Counter
Cleanroom particle counters are NIST traceable and configured to read out particle size channels for  common standards such as ISO, Federal Standard 209E, EU GGMP, and British Standard 5295.  Cleanroom particle counters include the categories below.

> Handheld Particle Counters
You can walk around with a handheld particle counter, using it to find a location with high particle concentration - very useful in filter testing, mold remediation and cleanroom troubleshooting and clean room verification.

Lighthouse Handheld 2016 Laser Particle Counterhandheld laser particle counters for cleanroom & IAQ

Lighthouse Handheld 3016 Particle Counter

Lighthouse Handheld 3016 Black Series

Lighthouse Handheld 3016 IAQ Particle Counters

Lighthouse Handheld 5016 Airborne Particle Counter

IQAir ParticleScan CR\

IQAir ParticleScan PRO

Met One GT-321

Met One GT-521

Met One Aerocet GT-531 Aerosol Particle Profiler


> Portable Particle Counters
Faster and with more capacities than a handheld, the portable particle counters can be used to certify cleanrooms, take quick tests or continuous monitoring.

Lighthouse SOLAIR 1100 PLUS

Lighthouse SOLAIR 3100Portable airborne laser particle counters

Lighthouse SOLAIR 3100 PLUS

Lighthouse SOLAIR 3100 PLUS Black

Lighthouse SOLAIR 3200 PLUS

Lighthouse SOLAIR 5100

Lighthouse SOLAIR 5100 PLUS

Lighthouse SOLAIR 5200 PLUS

Climet CI-200

Climet MicroPro 400

Climet MicroPro 500


> Remote Particle Counters
Also known as dedicated particle counters, remote units monitor continuously with other sensors in a facility monitoring system or building automation.

Lighthouse Remote 1100

Lighthouse Remote 1104

Lighthouse Remote 2010

Lighthouse Remote 2012

Lighthouse Remote 2014Remote particle counters and sequencing manifolds

Lighthouse Remote 2014-P

Lighthouse Remote 3010

Lighthouse Remote 3010-Black

Lighthouse Remote 3012

Lighthouse Remote 3014

Lighthouse Remote 3014-P

Lighthouse Remote 3102

Lighthouse Remote 3104

Lighthouse Remote 5010

Lighthouse Remote 5012

Lighthouse Remote 5014

Lighthouse Remote 5014-P

Lighthouse Remote 5100

Lighthouse Remote 5102

Lighthouse Remote 5104

Aerocet 9012 Ambient Aerosol

Particulate Profiler

Lighthouse Universal Manifold System

Lighthouse MiniManifold

> Liquid Particle Counters
We have included syringe sampling and remote style liquid
particle counters for continuous sampling.  Particliquid particle counterle counters for inline chemical applications and portable oil particle counters may be coming soon.


Lighthouse Remote LPC 0.2 Liquid Particle Counter

> Surface Particle Counters
Mainly used in cleanrooms or microchip industry, surface particle Glancing light surface particle countercounters verify housekeeping, cleaning and contamination levels during processes.In-process wafer pod surface particle counter  We have also included in this category in-process wafer pod particle counter for FOUPs and SMIFs.

Lighthouse Particle Guard Surface Particle Counter

Lighthouse Wafer Pod 2014IP

> Nano Particle Counters
TSI nano condensing particle counterIn a rack mount or portable package, nanoparticle counters are used to minimize health risks of inhaling nanoparticles during manufacturing, aerosol research, combustion research, diesel emissions, filter testing, atmospheric and climatic research plus others.  A nanometer is equal to 0.001 microns.  Nanotechnology industry does not yet have common standards for nano particleGrimm CPC nano particle counter counters.

Laser particle counters in the chart above include the entire list of all particle counters on  If you are looking for a particular air monitoring instrument that is not here, call us at 1-877-688-2703, we may be able to point you in the right direction.

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