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The individuals pictured above represent a few of the brains behind  This website is the hub of a worldwide network of consultants, engineers, manufacturers, technicians and salespeople.  Our network of professionals is populated with gurus, each an expert in their own area of Particle Counters, Contamination Control, Indoor Air Quality, Cleanrooms, Critical Areas, Facility Monitoring Systems, HVAC, Filter Testing ...and the list never ends.  BPA Air Quality Solutions has teamed up with these people to bring you the world's largest and most knowledgeable source for particle counters.

Clean Room Particle Counter Expert Barry Kitchener
For the past 25 years Barry has designed and manufactured cleanrooms, held sales manager positions in major air quality companies and was the former President of the Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST).
  Cleanr Room Contamination Control Expert Dan Milholland
30+ yrs cleanroom experience:  was on committee writing Fed Std 209E, on US Expert Council for ISO 14644 Part 1, for 13 years was on NEBB Committee certifying cleanroom certifiers, was a lead instructor at Eagleson Institute, and is current IEST Rep to US Tech Advisory Group to ISO/TC 142.
Laser Particle Counter Expert Jim Akey
Jim has 20 years experience and was a presenter at two NADCA Technical Seminares, is an active member of the IAQA and writes for the Indoor Environment Connections magazine.
  Airborne Particle Counter and Filtration Expert Rod Yarbrough
Provides technical support using extensive product knowledge with remote, handheld and portable particle counters.  Assists customers and engineers with proposals for facility monitoring systems.
Filtration and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Expert Dave Kuck
IAQ Specialist with experience in all facets of commercial and industrial pollution control systems and indoor air quality monitoring and cleanroom applications.
  Indoor Air Quality Filtration and Testing Expert
11 Years experience in indoor air quality testing, filter testing and air cleaner efficiency testing with a variety of different brands of particle counters.
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If you are an expert in your area, your product reviews can be featured on this site.  We are always looking for professionals in the particle counter industry who are qualified to answer inquiries and provide quality information to our readers.  If you would like to participate in a free, cooperative program, contact us to schedule a phone interview.

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